Claud ☁️

“Be Creative. Change the World

You find yourself in a strange place, unknown as the horizon. Now the possibilities are immersive and you're looking 360˚

Whoever, whenever, whatever.

It's up to you.

I find it difficult to describe myself..

It doesn't make me less human, and I appreciate myself as flawless as I am. But flawed sometimes too.

Who am I

My name is Claudiu, but I prefer to be called Claud. 

I am a  5' 10" Professional Male Model  born in December, 1999.

With a complicated personality( I think), but so mature and confident.

Where I'm from

A town from Romania.

Pursuing a Modelling Career. 

Came to England and the rest is History.

Here I am now.


Yes, surprisingly.

Fashion, Music and Art.

Sometimes I cheat and inspire myself from others.

But creativity is sharing.

Why Claud?

When the world moves so fast and you don't know how to catch up, all you need is a little wind and you're right there. 

Also, it's a shorter version of my name.

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